Trish Laffrenere

THE BIG CAMPOUT #05 in series
© 2018 Trish Laffrenere

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I love to paint and I love children and when I can I try to combine the two. (No, I don't actually paint the children...although my children do tell their many friends that troup through our home...'Don't stand still or my mother might paint you!!') :) However my love of children is the reason I paint my Canadian Northern Folk Art Series I suppose. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child keeps me grounded. Their innocence and natural ability to take things at face value can certainly put things into perspective for us. As teenagers and young adults, it gets even better and they never fail to amuse and entertain me with their conversations and views on life.

My paintings are somewhat naive and I don't try to keep to scale or reality. After all the world of youth is not cut and dry. You'll also notice there are no adults in my paintings. That too is intentional. I also like to paint in other styles but again you might find my love of bright solid color a throwback to my youth and coloring books! :) Remember the doodle art of the 70's...think I got hooked on those.
No child deserves to go through a life of pain or hardship and for that reason I occasionally donate one of my paintings to non-profit Children's Charities in Canada such as the Easter Seals Society . At one time I received assistance from them for one of my children's medical needs. I truly believe in giving back what you get so I am happy to be able to do that through my artwork.
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