Patricia Madden

Summoning Spirits
© 2018 Patricia Madden

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Born in the Catskill Mountains of New York, educated in New York and Wisconsin, Patricia Madden drew and painted her way through public school curriculum, and graduated high school as a National Merit Scholar. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, married a painter and put away her brushes to raise her 2 children.
A move to the high desert Southwest of Sedona Arizona in the early 1980s began her fascination with and appreciation of the canyonlands and highlands of the 4-Corners region that remains her inspiration for the impressionistic and realistic features in her original oil paintings. Her studies in pre-historic art and the belief systems of the Hopi and Navajo create a forever quality within her oil paintings that shimmer or smolder with vibrancy and depth that is evocative of shamanism, ancient ceremony and living spirit.....

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