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"Lava" by Patrick Mock
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San Ramon, CA 94583
Ph: (925) 525-6896

Art Biography/Philosophy of Patrick Mock

An impression that has stuck with me over the years is the beauty of lighting and the message it conveys as to our moods of happiness and ecstasy, peace or sadness.

While in the Army, I served on a desolate island in the Aleutians and used art as an escape doing wood cut sculpturing, lapidary, and photography. While stationed in Germany I visited some of the greatest artworks of all time in Europe. Visits to Vienna, Salzburg, Rome, Berlin and many other locales filled me with such awe and wonder at the beauty that mankind has created over the millennia, even in the midst of the destruction of wars. Most inspiring were the works of Michelangelo in the Vatican. Photography became my art form. I was inspired to create workings in composition, lighting and experimentation in solarizations to create more dynamic art forms.

Still there was a haunting desire for a more satisfying expression of the beauty and wonder of nature, life and the emotions we all experience. Finally, I discovered a different way to create paintings that give life to emotions experienced through the movement of light, shadow, and color through an exciting new method. By creating refractions of light and color, through the use of marbling, the result is pure and simple, yet so incredibly complex, while astoundingly delicate and exquisite. None of my paintings can be duplicated (other than photographically) by another artist. All of my paintings are forever unique because of the manner of their creation.

Light and color in motion that excel in refraction and reflection to dazzle the senses of the viewer in the most brilliant, yet esthetically pleasing, way possible is my mission in creating art. It is my hope that you will enjoy pleasure through the viewing of my offerings and feel enriched because of them.

Patrick O. Mock
Art - By - Patrick Mock

Art Review: "Color, texture and light informs the expressionist style with a thematic milieu that is mysterious, captivating and visually compelling. Skillfully executed, the work achieves poignancy through a unique perspective that resonates throughout the cohesive presentation. Wonderful work."

Review by Angela Di Bello , Director, Editor-in-Chief of ArtisSpectrum Magazine, NY, NY

Exhibitions and Recognition:
…Art People @ Crocker Galleria, San Francisco, CA - April 2004 on going
…Alexander’s Main Street Gallery, Pleasanton, CA - February 2004 on going
…Abstract Earth Gallery, on line - Juried & selected - March 2004 on going
…Blackhawk Art Gallery, Danville, CA - Juried & selected for exhibition - April 2004 on going
…Willits Center Art Gallery, Fremont, CA - April 2004 on going
…Designer of Mural for the San Ramon Art Walk & Festival 2004
...Art4Love, Inc., on line - Selected for representation and promotion - New York, NY
...“The Artistic Forum“, on line magazine - Selected for publication July - September 2004

•June 19th - July 16th, 2004 - Reception & Juried Show - “DACA’s 15th Anniversary” - Danville Fine Arts Gallery, Danville CA
•June 21st - July 7th, 2004 - Juried Show - “Pleasanton Art League Show 2004”, Bank of America, Pleasanton, CA
•July 1st - 31st, 2004 - Reception & Show - “Form Follows Fashion” - Art People Gallery @ Crocker Galleria, San Francisco, CA
•2004-2005 - Show - Gallerie Gora, Montreal, Canada
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