Paul Bracey

Celestial Lilies
© 2018 Paul Bracey

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Writing an artistís statement is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It teeters on the brink of impossibility. It is difficult enough just to produce an image itself. Indeed, the simple act of naming an image is difficult. Words are but vague landmarks of our world once removed from sight and touch. Sometimes they are even like faded signs, unreadable and pointing in the wrong direction. All the more reason that the task of writing an artistís statement seems more like it is tipping off the brink into impossibility. But if words are the opposite of visual and tactile substance, there must be a way for them to coexist.

Hopefully, you will see things as you havenít seen them before. Part of the goal has to be to show things in a new light, or as the case may be, in a revealing darkness. Part of the goal has to be to strike a certain, indistinct chord that reverberates inside you with a familiarity beyond what you are looking at. Part of the goal, sometimes is to strive to bring images and ideas from the subconscious to the surface, building upon improvisational techniques as part of the process. Part of the goal is ultimately to allow the viewer the joy of discovering a meaning behind each image. Yet another part of the goal has to be to reconcile the difference between opposites, color and monochrome, line and form, simplicity and complexity, truth and fiction.

Each image is different and speaks differently, but each one has a voice. Sometimes it is difficult to let that voice be heard. Self-doubt and prejudice nag constantly and hinder any objectivity. A clear mind is a fantasy. But each image becomes like a friend, and sometimes need the same in return. We are at once, anchored by our creativity and liberated through it. It helps us celebrate our joy, and comforts us in our sadness. Sometimes the fruits of our creativity are overvalued for internalized connections that fail to make a successful transition into the work. These are always difficult lessons, but at least something is learned. In that sense, even the less successful images are successful. They still have a voice. They provide additional perspective with which to approach the remaining work. They have a generosity beyond that with which they were made. When blessed with the courage, determination, and good luck to show good work, it is often quite refreshing to learn that it speaks to others too. This is a cause for great pride. It is like someone heaping praise on your child. After all, the work is not you, but something that became itself through you. Like good deeds and children, it is often tempting to describe them in great detail, pointing out each feature and benefit worthy of praise, but in the end, it is usually best to let them speak for themselves.

As with raising children, family and friends prove ever so helpful with their wit, insight, honesty, encouragement, and support. To them, I offer a sincere, ďThank you.Ē
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