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Paul Flack
Outsider Artist

More than thirty years ago, a biology student at a small Northeastern liberal arts college decided to try his hand at art. What ensued was anything but artistic.

Pursuing fame and fortune, he eventually migrated into the world of advertising, sales and marketing. Albeit successful, the life-style ultimately contributed to a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse.

It was during this time that he was introduced to the truth of folk, or outsider art. By chance he was able to observe Robyn “The Beaver” Beverland work. What Flack experienced was a powerful, unobstructed, pure, soul-bearing communion of art and artist.

Fighting his way back from years and years of addiction and abuse, Flack, began to look for the truth in his world. Inspired by the likes of visionary artists, he decided to try his hand at painting - something he had turned has back on thirty years before.

Early on, his subject matter was mainly mundane objects, such as fish, flowers, snakes and whimsical creatures. However, as his spiritual quest grew, he became enamored with the concept of angels -- God’s own messengers -- whose inspiration seem to span time and religious sects.

Today, Flack paints mostly angels, flowers and whimsical creatures.

“Every life can use a little angel in it. I have trouble seeing them. So, I paint them in hopes a stranger can explain to me what they see and feel when he or she experiences the presence of an angel,” he said.

Paul Flack is a co-founder of The Who-Ha Da-Da Outsider Artists’ Fellowship, a group of thirty practicing visual artists dedicated to maintaining the standards of folk art, visionary, and self-taught artist pioneers.
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