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Paul Wightman (PAD) trained in the late eighties, first as an artist, later specialising in graphic design.

In 1993 Paul set up Paul Andrew Design (PAD), starting out designing nightclub and bar flyers for some of the countries leading clubs (most noticeably producing the design work for Godskitchen from 1994 - 2000). This led onto producing design work for large fashion houses and some of the countries leading companies.

After 10 years in front of an Apple Mac, Paul now returns to what was his first love of painting. The return to painting first started from producing paintings for his own house/office, when many visitors started asking where they could get the paintings Paul decided to start the transition back from a designer to full-time artist.

Paul Andrew Design now offers the Life On Canvas collection, the collection has been greatly influenced by his years as a graphic designer. This is clearly evident in all the paintings he produces.

The Life On Canvas collection reflects modern living, the paintings have been inspired by the subjects approached by Andy Warhol and pop artists. The more detailed portraits have been inspired by the technical brilliance and use of light of the old masters.

Subjects have been taken from images that surround and influence my life. They range from very simple duotones of subjects from an ashtray to landscapes. These are complimented by more detailed portraits of inspirational people like Nelson Mandella and the Dalai Lama.

A range of simple, colour abstracts paintings compliment the
man-made objects and portraits. These are mainly based on the natural surroundings of landscapes. Like all the paintings these landscapes have been reduced to their simplest form, leaving only what is required to create the desired effect.
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