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Paulina Sydney born and raised in California has pursued art since childhood. Her family fell in love with Alaska while on vacation in 1995 and they never returned home, instead they established a residence in Homer in the lower Kenai Peninsula. Since 1995 Homer has been home to the Sydney’s.

Traveling by mail plane, ski plane, helicopter, boat, raft, ATV, canoe, truck and camper as well as hiking on foot, enables her to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of Alaska’s wilderness, wildlife, landscape and history. Returning home to work in the studio, her love of these subjects is translated into colorful works of art.

Her New Collection of Artwork, Alaskan Moments, features the Wild Animals and Natural Environment of Alaska. Affiliated with Howling Mad Productions and, some of her work is now being displayed at Sunnyside Studios. She's also friends with artist, Deanna Christina Knauth from Paulina's work features polar bears, arctic hares, wolves, caribou & snowy owls, as well as many others.

Paulina designed the logo for Howling Mad Productions in 2006.

Paulina received a Master’s Degree in Art Illustration from Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, England, is a signature member of Sunnyside Studios, and is currently writing a book called Paulina Sydney’s Alaskan Moments a book about her work. Sydney’s artwork has appeared on thousands of Christmas cards sold nationwide. She has completed three major commissions in Alaska, including computer designs for the U.S. Customs in Skagway. Sunnyside Studios publishes reproductions of her artwork that are carried by galleries and stores throughout Alaska.

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