Pepita selles

Night On The GolfClub
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From a art rewiew about her art. It is interesting how she use the scanner as a camera. It gives an archival look to her the viewer a fresh look at everyday objects in a form not usually seen.

Pepita is a woman from sweden. She spend a lot of time drawing and painting.Used the computor for collagesmixed media.She use a lot of real things and flowers in her artwork. And she is autodidactbut have been much involve in arts.Her granpa took her to his studio as very young and gave her little teaching and a brush and the opportunity to test. And many of her relatives are painters or other artists. Pepita have done a lot of work with arrange collagesdrawings her paintings and models and after long preparation scanned direct without taken any photo before. Also from the private photocollection. This seems to be a new art form hers.Picked flowers and leaves in the spring and summer. Been to fliemarkets to find her favorite things and lace. Order reproductions from her in Gloss Canvas, Matte Canvas, Stretched OR Unstretched Canvas, Fine Art / Watercolor Paper , From 100-400 Dollar Every artwork in her Gallery is from a new collection. And have never been reproduced before.
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