Peter Saw

Rocks Wood and Cogs
© 2018 Peter Saw

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Self taught artist. Taught Watercolour and other media at local adult education centre for last four years. Demonstrate and run workshops at local art clubs and societies and run painting holidays. Exhibit locally and on the internet.
I paint landscapes, seascapes, buildings, flowers and anything else which offers a challenge or catches my eye. I prefer either watercolour or pastel but also work in other media.
Although I like to be able to recognise the subject in my work, I try to ensure that the magic of the medium will influence its interpretation.With watercolour, I love exploiting all the available effects both from the chemistry of paints, only slightly mixed together, and the surface of the paper. That's what watercolour is about isn't it? 'Don't stir it up too much - Bung it on and then leave it alone' - Watch the paint dry!
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