Peter Schwartz

the haunting point
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Peter Schwartz is the editor of the poetry journal 'eye' and associate art editor of Mad Hatters' Review. His painting publications are as follows:

Paintings Online and in Print:

1. 'a'pos'tro'phe:

2. Ascent Aspirations Magazine:

3. Branches: defunct, probably not my fault.

4. HiNgE:

5. Mad Hatters' Review: derman.shtml

6. Mannequin Envy:

7. Mastodon Dentist:

8. The Pedestal Magazine: talog.asp?prdc=49

9. Sein un Werden: (check archives)

10. SubtleTea: -

11. The Taj Mahal Review: Volume 4, #2, Issue - December, 2005

12. Thieves Jargon:

13. Triplopia:

14. Writers' Alliance:

Gallery Exhibitions:

1. Saatchi Gallery: ofile/ /18031.html

2. The Gateway to Quarter Christmas Art Exhibition Special in York, UK. The Gateway to the Quarter project is a free digital public art exhibition where images are projected onto two screens on Finkle Street, York.

3. Art of the Animal: ts.html


text for 'the haunting point'

Here we have a truly grotesque depiction of human duality. The painfully aware observer watches helpless, filled with shock and pity as the overburdened, sick participant tries desperately to evacuate the effects of the world he has involunatarily ingested.
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