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my life

peter stenzel

24.5.1971 I started my life in vienna
After elementary school (1977 - 1981) and
grammar school (1981 - 1990)
I didn't finish school and worked in different jobs like
stage hands, in an opinion research institute, made outdoor - advertisment with zeppelin,

1995 I took my school leaving exam and was forced doing alternative service in an hospiz,
where the old ones are vegetating( they had no will for living anymore) - nice place -
In this year started to study psychology on the university of vienna

1996 my interest for photography was born;
I borrowd all kinds of photobooks from the library to study photography
and I extended my studies with philosphy

1997 I visited The School for Artistic Photography in Vienna

In the moment I am working as a lorry driver for klangforum vienna (viennese ensemle for modern music),

I got the feeling, that acquiring my knowledge by myself has came to an end again.
So I started the creative foto college in october 2001 to gain more know-how
about the technical and artistic aspects of photography.

In 2000 I was thinking of presenting my work to the people.
As exhibitions are too exhausting "for a few good friends"
I began to acquire the necessary skills for putting my photos online


Here I am going to create together with my erotic models a photographic world full of sensuosness. I merge the aesthetic of the nude female body with the patterns of fresh fruits, chocolate and shells. So magic appears. Get your kicks...

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