Petrus Boots

Reunion (Bridging Reality)
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Name: Petrus Henricus Boots

Birth Date: November 27, 1959

Birthplace: Alkmaar, Holland

Emigrated: May of 1966 to Ontario, Canada

Mediums: Graphite Pencil on Artboard, Oil on Canvas

Style: Unconfined Realism

Subject: Figurative, Southwest, Spirit…

Inspirations: Camping trip which stretched into three year road journey throughout the Southwestern United States left its impression.

Current Projects: Oil Painting 71"x 40" to embody numerous figures (some transformed into smaller individual Pencil Drawings) within a Southwest red rock landscape. Also, stay at home father ever-present in the raising of daughter Samsara.

Current Location and Circumstance: Living in the woods surrounding Jack’s Lake, Ontario Canada, along with partner Stefanie Clark (also an artist) and two year old daughter Samsara. Entering sixth year of a self imposed exile, building body of work and looking forward to re-exploring the Southwest.
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