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Philippe Benichou is a French-American artist. Born in French occupied Algeria in 1957, his family moved to Nantes, France, when he was just a small child. Philippe comes from a family of artists and began studying painting and art history as a youth with his late mother, artist Arlette Oger. He studied at the Sorbonne University, New York University and UCLA. Philippe formally studied and was greatly encouraged by well known art educator, artist and sculptor, Francis Coelho, in San Francisco, CA. In addition to being a painter, Philippe is a successful actor, voice over artist, director and acting coach in Hollywood.

"My work is for the most part expressive: abstract and abstract expressionist with an intense and free use of color. I use various media to produce unusual textures, shapes, compositions and color coordination. I too believe color has a primitive healing effect provided it contains and aims at harmony." ~Philippe Benichou
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