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Born 1954 Licciana Nardi in the province of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany).
In 1960 commences in earnest his artistic activities prevelantly
dedicated to visual art. In 1961 becomes an active participant of
the art group “Lionello Venturi” in La Spezia.
During these early years of the Sixties involves himself in
experimental research of photography and 8mm film. In 1963 produces
several stage designs for the Civic Theatre in La Spezia. Is invited
to join the “Promotrice di Belle Arti Di Torino” which is an
associate of the international Cultural Exchange in Rome. Is the
founder-member of the group “ArteGrottesca” linking the cities of
Pisa and Milan. In 1965 moves to Paris and frequents the studios of
several artists, one of whom is the noted Abstractist Folmer. From
the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties he involves himself more with
Figurative Art.
For the last fifteen years his work is based on abstraction.
Pietro Bellani has been invited to numerous exhibitions and prize
showings, some of which are:

National Exhibitions and Collections

National Exhibition of young Italian Art, Palazzo delle Exposizioni,
Rome 1964.
International Exhibition, Faenza City, Italy 1965.
National Exhibition, City of Massafra, Italy 1966.
Nat. Exhibition of Design and Graphics “Scalarini”, Modena, Parma,
Reggio Emilia, Italy 1968.
International Exhibition, City of Naples 1968.
International Exhibition, Musee Adrien Thibauld, La Chausee Saint
Victoire, France 1968.
National Exhibition in the memory of the Resistance of the City of
Piacenza, 1969.
National Exhibition, City of Iglesias, Sardinia 1969.
National Exhibition “G.B. Salvi Piccola Europa”, Sassoferrato, 1969.

International Exhibition , Caprino Veronese, Verona 1970.
Nat. Exhibition of Design, Torre Pellice, Torino 1971. Circuit
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Savona, Imperia 1971.
Contemporary Art Exhibition “Modern Myths”, Turin, Imola, Modena
International Exhibition “Bruneleschi ”, Florence 1971.
Nat. Exhibition City of Imperia, Italy 1971.
Nat. Exhibition, Marina di Ravenna, Italy 1972.
Nat. Exhibition, City of Arezzo, Italy 1972.
Bicentenary of Art and Sculpture, City of Bolzano, Italy 1972.
Bicentenary of Art and Graphics, Novi di Modena, Italy 1972.
Bicentenary of Contemporary Art “M. Pettenon”, San Marino di Lupari,
Padua 1972.
Nat. Exhibition of Young Art and Sculpture, Imola. Italy 1973.
Contemporary Art Exhibition , Chiavari, Italy 1975.
National Prize Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, Pontano, Italy
1977. Nat. Exhibition “Magazzini del Sale”, Viareggio, Italy 1981.
Nat. Exhibition “Carnival Costumes and Masks”, Viareggio, Italy
1986. Travelling Exhibition of Latest Art Movement , (Savona,
Genova, La Spezia) 1990.
Austellung Bauer, Pietro Bellani, Bruning, Doring, Fiodorow, Fusser,
Glaw, Kellermeier, Kuhlmann, Middendorff, Muderer - Kunstraume
Bilder, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich 1990.
Contemporary Art Exhibition “Rifiuto“ , La Spezia 1992.
The Art Of IBS , Wisconsin and Orlando , USA 1999.
The Art Of IBS, San Diego, USA 2000.
Bicentenary to Bicentenary, La Spezia 2000.
National Exhibition “Historic Vanguard ”, Genova, 2000.
Progetto del Comune di La Spezia "Di Luce In Luce" a cura
di Giovanna Riu, 2001.
Arte&Lavoro , spazi e tempi La Spezia centro Allende ,2001.
Mediterraneo in La Spezia Liguria 2003

Year 1964.Gallery “Conto Gio”, Massa, Italy.
Year 1965. Gallery “La Pantera”, Lucca . Gallery “Salone Trabucchi”,
La Spezia.
Year 1966. Gallery “Il Torretto” , La Spezia.
Year 1968 Gallery “Il Brandale”, Savona.
Year 1969. Gallery “Il Salotto” , Genova. Gallery “Sabbadini”,
Chiavari. Year 1972. Gallery “Zenith” , Ivrea.
Year 1974 Gallery “2001” , La Spezia.
Year 1976 . Gallery “Il Paladino” , Verona.
Year 1978 Gallery “Acquario” , La Spezia.
Year 1979 Gallery “Il Punto” , Genova.
Year 1982 Gallery “La Balestra” , Portovenere.
Year 1985 Gallery “Sala del Comune” , Riomaggiore.
Year 1986 Gallery “ Studio Gastaldelli” , Milan.
Year 1988 Gallery “Kustforum McCann – Erickson” , Frankfort.
Year 1989 Gallery “Wasserweg“ , Frankfort. Gallery “Horager –
Laimbock” , Dusseldorf.
Year 1990 Gallery “Brokalhaus” , Munich.
Year 1992 Gallery “Minotauro” , La Spezia. Gallery “Kustforum McCann
– Erickson” , Frankfort.
Year 1993 Gallery “An der Trinkhalle“ , Bad Soden , Germany.
Year 1994 Gallery “Wasserweg” , Frankfort.
Year 1994 Gallery “Atelier Frank Pein” , Jesteburg , Germany.
Year 1995 Gallery “Studio Piero Resta” , Maui , Hawaaii, USA.
Year 1999 Gallery “Kunstausstellung Heimathaus“ , Jesteburg ,
Germany. Year 2000 Gallery “Maison du Chevalier“ , Carcassonne ,
" L'Acqua Le Pietre " Sculture e dipinti a cura di Giovanna Riu, 2002.
Castello Estense in Ferrara " I 4 Elementi " Ottobre 2003


Pietro Bellani has been reviewed by Art Critics both in Italy and
abroad. The list includes the following noted reviewers and
critics:: Stalio Restio Bonessio Di Terzet Pier Giorgio Sommovigo
Carlo Munari Marcello Venturoli Ferruccio Bettolini Giovanna Riu
Rossana Bossaglia G. Beringheli Catherine Blancheau Mara Borzone
Renate Siebnehaar zeller His work can be found in the following
Quotazioni della Pittura Europea ------ Ed. Piccolo Milano , 1969.
Pittori e Pittura Italiana ------ Ed. Il Quadrato Milano , 1970.
Opere d’ Arte Contemporanea ------ Ed. Cerga Lecce, 1971- Collana
Arte Italiana nel Mondo ------ Ed. S.E.N. Turin 1972. Archivio
Storico della Pittura Italiana ------ Ed. IDAF Milan 1971. Catalogo
Monteverdi ------ Ed. Selecta Milan 1978.
Catalogo della Pittura Ligure Istituto Gramsci Genova ------ Ed.
Ferrari 1991.
His work is also presented in ;
The Dictionary of Art by Commanducci The Updated Volume of the
Encylopedia SEDA of Modern Art K. G. Saur Verlag printed by
Kunstlerlexicon , Leipzig 1995.


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