Princess Arce

Born June 8th to a singer, and a poet. My mother noticed I could draw very well. It's something I cherish, but regret I don't have the time to do I as much as I like. I normally draw with just a ebony pencil, or a pen, and do all my shading with either my hands or tissue. I have done watercolor paintings before in high school. I took every art class my school district had to offer from sixth grade up to 11th. I planned on going to an art institute, and further pursuing art. I was kicked out of high school for fighting therefore I just draw as a hobbie now. I am an all around artist I write poetry, lyrics, I rap, sing, and dance. I decided to go with rapping, but drawing is still major thing to me. I plan on drawing something for all my album covers. For more information on Princess check out Thank you for reading this---One
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