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About Artist Radu Tesaro Kirby

Was born in the “Heart of Europe”–Prague 1979 . Spent most of her childhood in Prague and in South Czech in the country .
1985 -97 - Music school , graduated at piano ,school of Art for a very
short period ,finished college of higher education and matriculation.

At 18 years she went to Germany to study the language .
During this time she was staying with two families, one as bad as hell
and the other one as good as heaven. R.Tesaro was performing on piano,
giving her first real concerts on her own and started to paint more seriously.
It was her first strong experience abroad which gave her a good base for
her future life.

1998 – 99 when she returned home not long after that opportunity
came to go back to Germany and experienced another part of “Wild life “.
Touring all over the middle of Germany , playing real piano on the streets
but also performed indoors beside very good blues man , worked as well
as his driver , did lots of building renovations , interior designing , mural
painting , decorative painting . After more than a year she returned to the
Czech Republic and not long after that went on to New Zealand where
she worked and traveled for another year.

2001 came back home for a short time and traveled out with the idea
to go to Vancouver but never made it and ended up in Toronto where she
did lots of painting , exhibiting in many galleries and clubs. Also in her
piano performing was very active not just evening performing in clubs and restaurants but also gave a concerts of classical music. Studied for a year
at MJAS (Michael John Angel Studios) classical drawing and painting.
By than she was using mostly acrylics and oils. Have been doing portraits, landscapes and also abstract art but her art seemed not to be stylized yet.

Since 2002 R.T.K .traveled between Prague and Toronto and have been painting and exhibiting.

2004 she came straight from Canada to Zambia to see her boyfriend
Richard Kirby who is very gifted artist and 2005 she married him in Prague.

Recently living in Zambia on a farm , doing lots of painting , exhibiting,
giving piano lessons and raising their little daughter Tisa.
Because of her comfortable life in Africa that allows her to paint so much,
she became very productive and developed her style.

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