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I was born in 1946. I experienced a relatively typical childhood for a white middle class kid from the "Burbs" I was always considered to be a little "different" by my friends and family. Naturally I never did well Particularly in school, yet I managed to be well liked by my classmates and teachers. I was asked to leave ( got kicked out ) several wonderful private schools.

I have been involved in the arts as a model, artist, collector and patron since I was five years old. I attended Ohis State University, studing art and business. In 1966 having finished college I enlisted in the USMC. I returned to enter the family business. In 1971 I married my best friend Jan, and we have three wonderful children. My hobbies consist of collecting art work, performance art, cross-country skiing, kayaking, hiking, cooking, skindiving, swimming, reading and community service.

I am interested in most everything. I am Vice President of Sales of Continental Office. I was co founder of Katz & Dawgs the Gallery, and have served on many Boards. Ballet Met, American Youth Hostels, International Society of Endangered Cats. In 1991 I had the oppertunity to study with Min Tanaka in Japan. In 2000 I recieved an individual Artist Grant, from the Ohio Arts Council. You may want to view my web site at www.butoh.com

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