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My name is Ramaz Razmadze, I am surrealist artist from Georgia in Europe.

I started studying oil painting at the age of 8. At the age of 20 my portfolio contained of more than 40 oil paintings and I was working as an assistant of well-known Georgian artist Makhare Janelidze (1943-1992). In fact, by that time I have already been involved in professional art as I've been assisting Makhare in processing his numerous monumental orders. I haven't entered Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts as I did not feel it would have helped me to improve my skills and, besides, I had lots of private orders (mainly copies of old masters such as Jusepe De Ribera, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Jan Steen, Caravaggio, Frans Hals, Pieter Claesz, Salvador Dali and many others) and I did not want to waste my time. In 1991 and 1992 I had two personal exhibitions in Tbilisi, and since that time I took participation in a number of group exhibitions in Georgia, Canada and USA.

Statement: I create surreal oil and gouache paintings reflecting mysterious world of surreal compositions, characters and situations. Realistic manner of painting makes unreal compositions and objects seem absolutely real.

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