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The Artist: I was born and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and I've been making art all my life. After receiving a B.F.A. from The Columbus College of Art & Design, I worked for a number of years as an advertising artist. As a fine artist, I've participated in the Collectors Gallery at the Columbus Museum of Art, several private galleries, a card shop, and two solo exhibits at a library. After four years developing my own digital art style on a Macintosh computer and coming up with a name for myself (Digital Dream Studios), I'm currently seeking the best market for my work -- whether through publishing, gallery representation, or individual commissions.

The Artwork: I begin with my Macintosh computer and scanner. From there, I scan bits of cloth, patterns, and small objects such as leaves or pieces of fruit (by lifting up the scanner lid and putting the objects under a shoe box on top of the glass ). Once scanned into a program called "Photoshop", I fine tune the textures and colors and sometimes make "clipping paths" to export into two 3d programs, "Infini-d and Bryce". There, 3d models are created and scans are used as texture maps, and extruded objects. Finally, after the 3D scenes are rendered, they're brought back into "Photoshop", tweaked, and printed from an Epson photo printer.

Themes in my art are universal: time, movement, light, exploration of textures and shapes,
shadows and reflections.

For More Information:

Randy Jones
Digital Dream Studios
2643 Zollinger Road , #B
Columbus, Ohio 43221

(614) 486-6267

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