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Rhonda Gutierrez is a self-taught artist born in Manhattan New York. Always loving and admiring the arts in every form she grew up entering dance and poetry competitions.   She began painting in 1999 after one of her visits to Ecuador where she admired the works of artist Oswaldo Guayasamin. His artwork inspired and motivated her to try her hand in painting.  In 2002 Rhonda carried out her first exhibit Undisturbed Harmony which was a success. This artist expresses her passion for life, love and poetry through her abstract expressionistic paintings. Her artwork which usually depicts a period or stage of her life, telling a silent story filled with metaphysical interpretations, that reveal a very personal approach to her emotions and thoughts. Rhonda's paintings have an energy of risk and freedom, exploring colors and movement, allowing the flow of the final journey to reveal itself with ease.  Her friends describe her as a passionate, creative, strong, independent, giving woman. Rhonda has been involved with several educational organizations that promote personal growth. She created in 2002 The Mark Award for The Student Empowerment Connection, an Atlanta based non-profit organization that awards community and spiritual leaders for their work with inner-city children.

Rhonda believes that expressing our creative energy is an invitation from the soul to visit a sacred space of surrender and trust.

City: Lauderhill State: Florida Birth year: 1965 Media: acrylic/mixed media Style: symbolic, abstract expressionism

Art Auctions and Exhibits:

Undisturbed Harmony, Miami FL 11/2000
Faces, Miramar FL 07/2002
Colors of my Soul 08/2007
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