Rhonda Watson

Tall Ship at Sunrise
© 2018 Rhonda Watson

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What is style? What is art? Where does this Pennsylvania artist belong in all of it?

Art to me is something that has no boundries and no rules. It's one of the few places left where that exists. It must exist there! Once you begin to place rules and objectives around your art, then it's no longer art, it's a business.

Throughout the ages there have always been the innovators and "shakers" of the present system. Every new art movement shook the foundations of what tradional thinking suggests.

You can think of me as one of those free thinkers, especially when it comes to the notion that an artist's works must exhibit one style or definition to be market-worthy. Who said that? Who made up that silly rule? What's wrong with being a jack-of-all-trades? Isn't that what art is all about? Freedom of expression? Freedom to explore options and move outside of the box?

I've given this notion a lot of thought and for me to conform to that narrow thinking is beyond my capability. The whole reason behind my creating art is for the challenge of discovery and self expression. I can't compromise who I am for the sake of marketability. My brain and my artistic talents will not be boxed or manipulated to suit the expectations of others.

My "style" is whatever I want it to be at any given moment in time. I am the artist and master over my creations. Marketable, or not, this is who I am and this is what my art represents.

Beyond this portal are my works. They are my works. They are my perfect works.

Understand, or not. Enjoy or not. You have the power.
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