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Ricardo G. Silveira
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My name is Ricardo G. Silveira of Caracas Venezuela. I am self-taught, fan and loving of the Beautiful Arts, I practice the digital Art. The Digital Art is a discipline of the plastic arts that includes/understands works in which the digital elements are essential, either in the process of production or in its exhibition.

Unlike the rest of artistic works, that pronounce on an analogical support (linen cloth, musical instrument, material escultórico, etc.) works of digital art are pronounced by means of digital supports or at least technologically advanced. The digital art is a concept debated enough in the artistic circles, and rejected frequently by some purists, who catalogue more like a technical ability that an artistic manifestation, although this attitude can (and it is accustomed to) come from a complete ignorance of the computerized art.

The digital art is not simple graphs. She is not employee only of techniques and expressed matemóticas equations in form of images (like the fractals), but that is a human art, expression of sensations, ideas, searches personal, visions in graphical form and expressed using computer science means like tool, in the same way that during centuries has been used the linen cloth, the wall or the stone. These ideas tomè of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. I consider that the digital Art is the art of century XXI. Like enthusiastic of this Art realize works that can be seen in collective exhibitions like; artelista.com, artistasdelatierra.com, artmajeur.com, artabus.com, among others.
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