Richard D'Agostino

Paper Light Sculpture - Lionfish
© 2018 Richard D'Agostino

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Dick D’Agostino started his career as a commercial/editorial artist in the newspaper industry. His publishing career includes working at the Baltimore New American, Baltimore Sun, Country Magazine, National Geographic, and Cablevision in New York where he built electronic publish systems. After a career in electronic publishing, website development, and consulting for fortune 500 companies with Fujitsu Consulting, he started making paper sculptures. He chose paper since it is a unique medium and there are few presently creating three dimensional paper light sculptures.
Dick is pioneering the area of paper light sculpture with the use of translucent papers and no visible support armatures. His subjects are mostly stylized natural forms, like fish and flowers.
Dick is willing to share his techniques and has created a website to explain the process of his projects as they come to life. He also gives workshops in paper sculpture techniques. Please visit his site
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