Richard Misiano-Genovese

Masques (series) 1987
© 2018 Richard Misiano-Genovese

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Richard Misiano-Genovese (b. 1947)
Collagist, photographer, painter, and theorist.

Misiano-Genovese is the intitiator of the Altered Lithograph, Excavation collage and novel,
Manchando photography and the Spiral Poem. References: ARTE.NET listing, Who's Who in
America, 1982 -present. Who's Who in American Art, 1985 - present, The Fales Library & Special
Collections Guide to the Bob Witz Papers/Appearances Magazine ca. 1980-1996, "The
Exhibitioner", (Vol.2, Issue #3 1994, pp.12), Publications Archives Museum of Modern Art, New
York, N.Y., Mandeville Special Collections Library, Geisel Library, University of California, San
DiegoThe Register of Clayton Eshleman Papers *(1958 - 1993) MSS 0021, Accessions Processed
in 1987 CORRESPONDENCE: Box:9 Folder:34 Oversize: Genovese, Richard, 1973.
Bayville Historical Museum (Permanent Collection), Bayville, NY.

Description? I leave that to archivists, scholars and the anal retentive to categorize, classify,
and either/or vilify, sanctify (depending upon whose point-of-view is being asked at any given
points in the time-stream). As for me? It's all a matter of breathing the proper way that really
counts in the end.

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