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Rik Erickson was born the eldest of nine children into a career Air Force family in 1951. This would mean frequent moves across the country and overseas. His father, a P.O.W. in STALLAG 17and amateur artist encouraged his son at an early age to draw and be creative. From the age of five Rik has followed his fathers advice and continued his art. He did a stint in the US Army and after leaving began formal study at The College of DuPage in Wheaton, IL. His main source of learning, however, has always been hands on experience, hard work and experimentation.
Rik is currently working on his on-going ABSTRACT / SYMBOLIC series on canvas. The primary source of inspiration in this new series is the artwork itself usually developing as a result of spontaneous imagery and making use of accident, drippings, splatter and other serendipitous means. This new series also will include metal foils, paper, felt, marble dust, water & oil based pencils and other mediums. the subject matter can vary from petroglyphs to animal imagery to symbols mixed with abstract design and icons.
“In my work I let the artwork tell me where to go and what to say. I don’t always achieve this but when I am able to let go of my ego and just enjoy spontaneously creating and exploring, it is very satisfying. A lot of the imagery that finally emerges is from my subconscious…messages, awareness’s or statements. Sometimes I may not realize what a painting is telling me until a year or more has passed. I’ve been studying CHI GUNG meditation and SHAOLIN KEMPO as well as Transcendental Meditation for many years now and I feel that my art is tied together with these other experiences.”

Rik Erickson also runs a successful Mural and Decorative Arts business in San Diego, California.
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