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An Ordinary Life Made Spectacular

In 1969 I was a freelance photographer specializing in weddings and sports teams. I had some
gigs with the government and I also worked for the Catholic Dioceses of Toledo, Ohio.

February, 1969, I was on Rte. 2 between Sandusky and Toledo, traveling west along the southern
shore of Lake Erie. The Lake was iced over near shore and I kept glancing at the scene. Suddenly
I noticed a vehicle traveling over the edge of the lake parallel to the road. It seemed that the
object was pacing my progress. I was driving at about fifty mph along a clear road with
occasional patches of ice. There was no other traffic to be seen.

I kept turning my head to observe this vehicle for what seemed like three or four minutes as I
drove along. I kept wondering what it could be. I remember tapping my brakes to see if the disk
would match my speed. As my car slowed to about 35 mph there was a flash of light that seemed
to come from the front quarter of this object. The light was brighter than a flash bulb and I
continued to slow to a stop and waited until my eyes cleared. After about a minute I was able to
see clearly again. The strange vehicle was gone. I hadn't heard a sound from it. Immediately I
began to doubt that what I had seen had been real. Another moment or two to collect my
thoughts and I resumed driving.

Just beyond the point where my headlights penetrated the darkness, there lay a large dog that
had been struck and died there in the road. It's limbs were sticking up in the air and it was clear
that the poor animal was frozen there.

I realized that if my car had struck that dog's body at the original speed I had been going, I
probably would have lost control of the car and perhaps perished.

To this day I am haunted by that event. My life seems dedicated to producing scenes that depict
the variations that my imagination creates for me. It is the mysterious nature of this experience
that has impelled me to explore the workings of the mind and the various levels of perception
that reign therein. My art is an attempt to share the feelings and wonderment that I have been
experiencing since that event in 1969.
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