Robert Edgar

Memory Theatre Two, 2003, Distributed on CD, WIndows and Macintosh
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Robert Edgar produces personal and intelligent time-based visual and audio works. Starting off producing video, 16mm films and electronic music in the 1970's, Robert taught art at Syracuse University, University of South Florida and New College of California before starting a business creating interactive digital systems in 1985. Having switched from film to interactive computer art in the early 1980s, he finished the seminal work Memory Theatre One in 1985, programmed in Forth on the Apple //. He went on to program and integrate three more real-time performance systems: Living Cinema (1988) SAND (1994) and The Duchamp Examinations (2006). These were used by Robert in performances throughout the United States. Since the mid - 1990s, Robert has focused on music composition, recording and performance. He has also produced the interactive program Memory Theatre Two (2003-2007): viewable online at ,
and is working with Drs. Kirsten Wagner and Peter Matussek on a combination book/DVD on the history of Memory Theaters.
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