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Recent news:
June 2004 - adds Robert to their online collection.

June 2004 - in negotiation for international representation.

May 2004 - Freedom Erotica displays works.

March 2004-Roberts work returns from a successful group tour of Europe with extended stops in Berlin and Paris.

May 2004- Exhibits alongside 70 artists in Xchanges Arts Co-operatives MAYDAY EROTICA


Born Robert Arthur Fredrickson, in Nelson, BC, Canada, 1969.Robert began drawing at age four while growing up in a small town in Northern British Columbia, moving to Vancouver Island in the late 80's. 1994 saw his first exhibition of pen and inks in Vancouver.

1995, a personal event led Robert to open the box of paints his Grandfather, George Ives, had willed him a decade before. For three days
he painted his emotions with his grandfathers oils and signed the
painting "IVES". It was the beginning of a life long exploration of the
medium for Robert.

1996 Robert joined Xchanges Artists Co-operative, one of Canadas' oldest artist run centers. Over the years Robert has been the studio co-ordinator and president of Xchanges, where he continues to work from his studio late into the night.

His style is unique, bold and ever evolving, with collectors from the West Coast of North America to Europe.

Studios of Robert Ives

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