Robert Mileham

Swallow at Culpepper's dish
© 2018 Robert Mileham

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Founder member of Artituk, a group of artists in the UK, his art is led by the need to feed his family and so much of his work is commissioned. This includes figures, portraits busts, and amimals.


Torn by the influences of reality and expressionism Robert's ultimate aim is to create for the viewer a rush of adrenalin in the purest of mediums. Sculpture is here and now. It is in our time and place. Unlike a painting it exists, it is not just an image. You the onlooker should touch it and see it from all angles: it has the advantage of presence.


Largely self taught, Robert works in the countryside, in an old tack room for a studio surrounded by horses, dogs cats and an abundance of wild life. Much of his work is commissioned and in limited editions of 9 or 12. Robert's grandfather was Harry Mileham FRA, winner of the Gold Medal and travelling Studentship at the Royal Academy of Schools London 1895 under Fredric, Lord Leighton. Gilbert Holiday RA, an equestrian Artis was a cousin, and Henry Holiday RA a Pre-Raphaelite painter an uncle.

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