Robert Viana

"Such Heavy Limbs"
© 2018 Robert Viana

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For the last 10 years, Robert Viana has been creating art of some kind.
After a four year tour in the U.S. Army in the early 90's, he set off to college.
He attended Plymouth State University for 4 years studying for his BFA in studio art with a printmaking focus.
After excelling at his studies in this field, he moved to Naples, Florida where he now lives with his wonderful girlfiend, teaching painting and printmaking on his free time.
He runs an art supply store full time, and specializes in guilded frame repair, as well as oil painting cleaning and minor restoration.
His art is very diverse. From landscapes, portraits, and abstracts, he has done it all. He is a published artist, and you can see one of his paintings featured on the bookcover of, "Walking with the Saint" by Mary Ann Ayer.

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