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Wittig is crazy, but he (I) am a very good painter... I just do not take myself very seriously. On the other hand, I take my work very seriously.

I am a painter and writer of theory and practice, working in the fine visual arts... full time, 16 hours a day, five days a week, plus a half day (only 12 hours) on Saturdays.

I produce a LOT of work, and sell a LOT of work, because if I don't... I have to eat less. This is my primary gig, so I am not messing around.

I am completely self-educated in the arts, and from what I have seen from most art school graduates... I thank my lucky stars.

I do not accept commissions... I sell what I make, on my website, or on eBay (screen name 'bobwittig'), whichever happens first. I have zero gallery representation, and manage all my sales myself.

Oil, Watercolour, Gouache, Ink, Dry Media, Serious, Not so Serious, Political Cartoons... whatever pops into my head, is what winds up on paper, canvas, or panel.

In closing... a few words...

Art is the resonance, between Intellect, and Emotion.

thanks, -wittig

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