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Born in Manhattan 1967 - Art Education includes: Parsons School of Design, The Art Students League, Clark University, and Horace Mann School.
Largely self-taught.

notes on Numanism

First came the style - a deep connection with the canvas, an incessant drive to rid the mind of what needed the be expressed yet other art forms seemed inadequate. Yes, Abstract Expressionism had shown me the path, and I wandered further down. I feel that art is communication in the language of the artist. Although, it may help an artist to also communicate in a language like English...

A few years ago a woman e-mailed me that my works were very "numinous". I was completely thrilled - and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a dictionary. Numinous: spiritual, mysterious, holy. Hmmm, my favorite art teacher Knox Martin had once looked at what I was painting in class and said "holy shit". (I took that as a compliment) Yes, "Numanism" was the thing that I was doing but had not yet been named.

Robert Zawadzkas
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