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"Borzam was born of a modest family in 1966..."
Why do biographies always start in the same, ordinary way? Well, Borzam
was really born in 1966, he attended "Liceo" (italian secondary school)
specialising in scientific studies and then he became an engineer, but now
he catalyzes images that come to his mind and then creates artistic
prints;..His art studies? Come on!
The chief factors in his artistic build up are certainly the small
mountain village milieu, a place where he has constantly lived except when
he was attending the University, the catholic education, especially for
the aesthetic value and iconographies, the smattering and garbled Latin,
the participation to cultural and universitary events with a jocular mood,
taking his own, personally way, so that he always seems to live cut off
from the world.
Borzamís prints, strictly monochromatic, reflect the messy crowd of
thoughts of the author by gathering images totally or partially unrelated
to each other.
Subjects always belong to the ancient sphere or to smithology, are
pseudoreligious or goliardic and become a part of a conceptual surface
that forms a sort of bas-relief and none of the details stands out too

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