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I was born in Gorizia in 1956 ad I have been living in the province of Varese for a long time. I started my first shots in 1990 thanks to a friend of mine with his ability and experience got me involved the Varese Photoclub. A real interest in photography grew with the friendship of the other members who stimulated a free exchange of ideas.

After the dissolution of the Varese Photoclub I left the world of associations but I am still fond of photography because of some good results in competitions and some successful exhibitions.

After a summer experience in motor racing where I used the panning technique, I now try not to take photos of what everyone can see but to emphasize rather abstract shapes and images, details which you can feel or see now but which quickly fade away (like the photos taken in Milan). I also use my imagination to create photo compositions by and. I used an infrared slide for the pictures of S.Monte in Varese. Recently, I have discovered digital elaboration.

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