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Roberto Urbina Gajardo, Artist Plástic self-educated, was born on November 18, 1976 in the city of Santiago of Chile, in the decade of the 80 he travels with his family to Asunción of Paraguay and resides there several years. Already in the adolescence it starts showing signs that the artistic topic was bringing it in the blood for which I integrate some musical bands as it it was a Rezonancia, Secret Key, Alegretto and Carpediem after of 18 years begins his walking along the topic of the plastic arts although very silently dividing with a sculpture in iron without title realized with the recycling of a process of oxicorte in a metalworker, then the achievement of workshops would come in cultural nearby centers to his population. In the house of the Art of San Pedro of Atacama it realizes along with his friend the Sculpture in mud Nanin Nisaya Ckapin (The Legs of the Sun) based on the architecture Atacameña. (2001).
In the year 2002 it comes from Santiago to the city of Iquique with the idea true in realizing a mural with the skill that more excites him the Mosaic. It was so in May, 2003 it inaugurates Inspiration thanks to the support of the SECREDUC-Tarapacá, as the first part of a sequence that tries to heighten the beauty of the expression of the man Pre-Colombino. In 2004, in August Inspiration II, To The rescue of the Rock Art is one of the projects selected by the Fondart in the region of Tarapacá. In November across Inspiration, work realized with recycled material, is rewarded by the CONAMA being a winner of the Regional Award of the Environment, mention change Cultural and Environmental Education.
These days and with his Sculpture Fragments of the Spot it is doing to itself the negotiations to be able to realize his trip to Spain, since he is one of the 18 qualified for the Contest I International of Sculpture on the work of the Quixotic of the Spot to be realized in the next August in Minglanilla.

Individual exhibitions

2001-2002 “ Of Mine the Ist ” and “ Of Mine the IInd ”
Cultural center South Town
Santiago of chili
2002 sculpture Nanin Nisaya Ckapin (The Legs of the Sun)
House of the Art
San Pedro de Atacama – Chile
2003 “ Of Mine the IIIrd ”
Principal Foyer Municipal Theater of Iquique
Iquique – Chile
Wall 2003 “ Inspiration “ (Mosaic)
Iquique – Chile
Wall 2004 “ Inspiration, Al Rescate II of Rock Art ” (Mosaic)
Iquique – Chile

Collective exhibitions

2002 day of the Young art
Iquique – Chile
2002 day of the Culture
Iquique – Chile
2003 day of the Young art
Iquique – Chile
2004 day of the Culture
Iquique – Chile
2005 World day of the Book
Iquique – Chile
2005 National day of the Visual Arts
Iquique – Chile
2005-2006 fragments of the Spot - Sculptural Park Centenary V –
Take care of Minglanilla - Castile of the Spot- Spain
2005 clown's face - 2 Version of Art in Salver (APECH)
Orange house - Santiago - Chile


1996 studied of incidental Music for Cinema, Band of effects and Sounds Center Cultural Balmaceda 1215, Santiago of Chile
1999 Color, Target and Black studied photography
Cultural center South town
Santiago of Chile
2001-2002 cinema and video Center Cultural South Vila - Santiago of Chile
2003 studied of Slides
UNAP Iquique – Chile
2004 studied of Cultural Management
UNAP – Prodemu
Iquique – Chile
2005 studied of watercolor
2005 studied of Theatrical lighting
Municipal theater of Santiago - Municipal theater of Iquique-Chile
2005 - workshop of Qualification and Administration for Spaces of Visual Arts - CNCA
Catholic university of Valparaiso


2004 seminar “ Latin-American Expotextil “
Arica – Chile
2004 seminar “ Persons' Management ”
“ Integrating the Human Conduct to the management Organizacional ”
Great classroom – UNAP
Iquique – Chile
2004 seminar “ National Strategy of Biodiversity ”
UNAP – Iquique - Chile
2005 seminar “ Humberstone, declared Patrimony of the Humanity ” Gallery of Art “ Collahuasi “
Iquique - Chile


Fondart 2004
“ Inspiration IInd, to the Rescue of the Rock Art ”
promotion to the Arts
National council of the Culture and the Arts
Iquique – Chile
Regional award of the Environment 2004
Mention “ Change Cultural and Environmental Education ”
CONAMA – Region of Tarapacá
Iquique – Chile
Chosen 2005
The Ist International Contest of Sculpture on the work of the Quixotic of the Spot
Minglanilla – Cuenca - Castile of the Spot - Spain
Honorable mention 2nd Place voting artists
Silver medalist Centenary V of Minglanilla
Medal of Bronze Centenary V of Minglanilla

Finally as the first stage of the section who is, the artist wants to add a few words

The figures of big coloring receive life across the eyes of the artist, who been inspired by the art of the ancient settlers of the region, transports them to the present, in a work that it wants to honor these men, who felt the need to express themselves and realized beautiful creations to perpetuate both his ideology and the natural and supernatural environment that was wrapping them. This way, Inspiration II, it is located in the balance between the immensity of the ocean and that of the desert, which are forged as natural frames of the harmonic and silent testimony of the rock local art.

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