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I was born and raised and still make my home in Southern California. My parents used to say that I was born with a pencil in my hand. My Mother gave me my name Robin because she said that at feeding time I looked like a hungry baby bird with it’s mouth open, waiting for a worm to be popped in. When I became an independent child, I could not get enough of being outdoors and taking in as much flora and fauna as I could and never missed an episode of “Wild America”.  I also had a reputation of frightening my neighbors because I used to “howl” like a wolf in the shower and was able to mimic various other animals and bird speak. My favorite Birthday and Christmas presents were all and any “How to Draw” books, drawing paper and anything I could draw with. I took basic drawing classes in grade school and High School and did not complete my College education due to lack of funds and having to support myself at the age of 17 and put my art aside for some time.When I was 25 I met and married and had 2 children soon after and did not even think about drawing until one morning in 1998 when I awoke and just “Had To” draw. I have been operating my home based business since and decided to quit my 9 to 5 banking job and take a serious risk testing my creative talent in the public world. To my surprise and delight, I was well received and have had a steady flow of commissions and specific requests of pet and wildlife portraits.
I started displaying my artwork at local park art shows with just my pastel paintings. After some time, I decided I needed a "Draw" to bring people into my tent to view my work. Some years ago, I purchased a book on "Painting Animals on Rocks" authored by Lin Wellford. After reviewing the book, I drove to my local art supply store, purchased some paints, grabbed a few rocks and started painting. The reaction from customers and fellow artisans was wonderful!
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