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Ron Anderson is an Ohio artist who is a professional painter and an art educator. He has been a successful working artist for more than 20 years and has been the recipient of many awards for his original oil paintings. He was educated at The Ohio State University and Kent State University majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design.

Ron is a commercial art instructor with The Columbus College of Art & Design. The art courses he teaches include "Oil Painting en plein air","Fashion Illustration", and "Art Portfolio". Over the years Ron has built a base of clients and has enjoyed the diversity of art projects that have included commission work in the areas of graphic design and illustration as well as the sale of his oil paintings.

Prior to teaching commercial art classes at C.C.A.D. Ron worked as a Fashion Illustrator for the Halle's department store in Cleveland, Ohio and for the Lazarus department store in Columbus, Ohio. He gained even more retail experience over a ten-year period working as a Fashion Illustrator and as the Art Director for Madison's retail store in Columbus, Ohio.

Ron served as a Regional Director for the Ohio Governor's Show/ Governor's Youth Art Exhibition from 1994-2000 and on the Board of Directors of the Worthington Arts Council from 1990-1992.

Ron Anderson has developed a recognizable style of distinctive artwork and continues to devote time to his oil paintings. His art commissions have included original oil paintings for The Absolut Spirits Company, 3rd Annual Art Collection entitled "Absolut Expressions" and Portraits of George Washington Williams that are currently housed in the Ohio Statehouse.

His most recent art commission involved creating six original oil paintings for the Ohio Supreme Court building.

Ron's biographical information/photograph was included in the 2004 edition of "Who's Who in Black Columbus", documenting African-American achievement.

Ron Anderson was a nominee for the 2005 Governor's Awards for the Arts in Ohio in the Individual Artist category.

Artist Statement

"Working as an illustrator and painter for more than 20 years, I have often utilized the figure in narratives to communicate the nature of the human condition.

I give each of my characters a role in my paintings that plays out like a scene from a motion picture. Carefully scripted by a personal experience, these characters go about their lives like you and me.

Many of my paintings depict tension or energy in some way. The tension is exhibited in an attitude, an action or in some activity on the canvas. The tension is either overt or more kinetic, but is almost palpable in each piece of artwork.

The size of my paintings, along with some personal connection, pulls you into the canvas. The drag of an alto saxophone fills the room in one painting while the noise deafens you; the smoke chokes you. A fight breaks out in the corner of the room on another canvas while a pool hustler wins a round. The subjects are infinite.

Henry O. Tanner, John Sloan, and George Bellows were masters at observing and translating these types of human conditions onto a canvas in oil. My technique, drawn from what I have observed from these artists, comes with a willingness to bare my soul and to capture my life experiences with each stroke of my paint brush."

Ron Anderson

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