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"Eucalyptus in Gully, Summer"
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Translation of page accompanying exhibition in Kibbutz Be'eri, Sept. 8 2001

Ron Gang exhibits in the gallery in Be'eri a showing of oil paintings, under the title "Eternity Melts Into the Now". Paintings of Negev landscapes, all executed in the plein air opposite the scenes, in the locale of his kibbutz, Urim. Paintings of wide open spaces, panoramas of the open landscape, sometimes with an Acacia tree that stands alone in the field, or other local vegetation in a gully near the Habesor ravine, and a plentitude of sky and clouds. Skies that always have in them strange motion, spreading to the sides, diagonal or spiral, and colourful and exaggerated light. A mystical atmosphere.

And thus the paintings, seemingly innocent and virginal, biblical landscapes in an impressionist style, are described non-critically, and are apparently detached without any connection to this world, to the media, communications, or the events of these days.

Ron Gang chooses not to relate to social and political issues. The reality present in his paintings is another, more spiritual, mystical, a reality for which the time within it is eternal.

Ron Gang is concerned with a state of awareness which the mystics call the "eternal now", a state in which there is no thought of the past or the future. In effect, thought evaporates, and the only thing that exists is the the unmediated experience of raw reality. Eternity is entirely present in this moment and the experience is complete. The reality that Ron Gang describes in his paintings is basic, quiet and internalised - and harmonious. This is the mystical state in which all opposites reach balance and disappear. The source of this thinking - eastern philosophy.

A meditative state that quiets thoughts, clears out space and amplifies the sensitivity to other things. The "noise" interferes with hearing and seeing that which is. We are trying most of the time to speak with ourselves and justify some position, and thus we are caught up in an endless chatter and produce "noise" in our heads.

When Ron paints, he cleans out everything and is busy entirely with light-shadow, proportion, and seeing. The painting reflects unconscious levels. A different perception.

In the exhibition in Be'eri some of Ron Gang's paintings are displayed: panoramic landscapes, views from the gully and Acacia trees. There are numerous other works. They may be viewed in the Internet site:

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