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After 37 previous forms of employment, I began my career as an illustrator serving an old-fashioned apprenticeship learning the air brush at a Movie Poster Studio in Hollywood in the 70's.I evolved my own mixed-media style, adding guache, pencil and prisma color detailing to the air-brushed base.

In my 25 year career as an illustrator, I have designed and illustrated ten books, hundreds of text books, advertising packages and products, children's books, toys and games, magazines, greeting cards and a Tarot Deck.

I continue to illustrate as well as sell prints of published and unpublished work and license my finished work for use on various products.
I am also working on a Visionary Art Biography

My work consists of much Nature illustration, animals as well as plants and envirnmental scenes; children's illustration, food illustration,product illustration, children's and pet portraits, kitchenware design,and intuitive/visionary /spiritual art.
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