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Ross Clark is disabled artist graduated from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London. His works explore our synthesis of the complexities of understanding the self in such a complex and constantly changing society. This very broad area includes: the representation of the human form, sexuality, disability and spirituality. He believes that to create a successful work of art he must understand the subject matter; so much of the work he produces is based around his own life experiences and the lives of those he lives and works closely with.

This does not mean that he and he alone should be able to experience the work, for Ross wants all those who come to see his work to be able to see something of themselves within it - a work of art is not a static thing it lives and breathes in the surroundings where it exists and grows with each new interpretation. Ross uses many different types of media to produce work. He likes digital technology, photography, painting and sculpture and believes that to explore such a wide subject area as the self he needs all the tools at his disposal. A piece develops and changes as it grows and is born: one idea may be created very successfully in digital media but another may need the texture of paint or the three dimensional nature of sculpture.

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