Inner doors (II), 1993
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SI-LA-GI was born in Hungary in 1949. In 1966 he emigrated to Sweden where he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Art but in the meantimehe also worked with experimental film and photography in the 60s, after 1973 even with videos. At the end of the 1970s he was co-founder of the Video Nu Studio (Stockolm) which presented artists the opportunity to create experimental works. In the mid 1970's he began making installations using video. He works using diverse media including photography, video, sculpture and installation. His works are concept and philosophy-based investigations about impermanence, life and death, and individual opportunities. Between 1980-1986 he taught art video and painting in Stockholm. He has travelled widely throughout the United States of America, Africa, and Asia, where he developed his interest in Buddhism.

His artistic creed is this: the world need not be changed; rather, changes should first be made to ourselves. Success need not be pursued, for success is about serving others; neither need one pose as the Omniscient, for it hinders cognizance. The most topical problem of our age is that the "medium is the message." The medium enchants and dazzles us, and in our dazzlement we increasingly fail to identify the dazzle of reality. To put essential questions to myself and find the answer, that is the task of his art. Knowledge bestowed on us by life should be used best in art, and knowledge bestowed on us by art should be best used in life. That is the extension of knowledge, the ability to relate things directly.

He lives and works in Stockholm, Budapest and Asia

Individual exhibitions / Expositions individuelles / Egyéni kiállitások

1980 "A" art projekt. Moderna Museet (Stockholm) (see the photographs)
1981 "SI-LA-GI's art projekt" : Paris Grand Palais, Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris)
1984 "Shelters project" - Stockholm (see the photographs) , "Changelling" Galleriet Värnamo, (Sweden)
1985 "Aspect of Change" Galleri Lang, Malmö, (Sweden)
1986 "Anatomy of time" Galleri Q. (Stockholm)
1987 "Surf teching for zen beginners and 114 years" Szigliget (Hungary)
1988 "United senses of art" (Egyesült érzékek müvészete) (Retrospective) Ernst Museum, Budapest (see the catalogue)
1991 "Semmi, illuzio, nothing" Obudai pincegaléria, (Budapest) (see the photographs)
1992 "SI-LA-GI" Galleri Isabelle, (Stockholm)
1993 "Mirrors of the void / Time making" Galerie de Luxembourg, (Luxembourg) (see the catalogue)
1994 "Inner doors" Pécsi Galéria (Hungary) (see the photographs)
1995 "Seven days, seven Pictures" BEI/EIB (Luxembourg)
1996 "Traum vom denken" Galerie de Luxembourg, (Luxembourg) (see the catalogue)
1998 "Dialogues" Le Cercle bleu, Metz (France)
1999 "Alom a gondolkodasrol" / "Dream about thinking", Galéria Fészek (see the photographs)
2000 "The go Betwin" Sophie Calle, Nan Goldin, Sam Samore, SI-LA-GI, Galerie Erna Hécey, Luxembourg
2000 "Hanging garden" Fészek Galéria (Budapest) (see the photographs)

Collective exhibitions / Exposition de groupes / Csoportos kiállitások

1970 Art contemporary, Bridgeport, (U.S.A.)
1980 Gallerie Foru, (Stockholm)
1981 Galerie N.R.A. (Paris)
1982 Galerie Fészek, (Budapest)
1983 Salon independant, Stockholm, (Sučde)
1984 Kunsthall / Mücsarnok, Tiszelet a szülöföldnek (Budapest)
1985 1985 Palais des Beaux arts, (Szépmüvészeti Muzeum), (Budapest)
1986 Rosa rosa neurosa (Elsö Magyar Látványtár)
1987 British Embassy, (Budapest)
1988 Tihanyi Apatsag, (Abbaye de Tihany), (Tükor)
1992 Aritmia, Dunaujvaros, (Hungary)
1993 Kunsthall (Mücsarnok), "L'art des années 80 en Hongrie", (Budapest)
1994 Szekszard (Hungary)
1994 Speculum (Elsö Magyar Látványtár)
1994 Ernst Museum "Variation on Pop art", (Budapest)
1995 Galerie de Szombathely, Szombathely, (Hungary)
1995 Ernst Museum, "Le présent visible" Photo Biennale
1995 Kunsthall (Mücsarnok) "La sculpture hongroise, tour d'horizon", (Budapest)
1995 International Biennal of graphic Art, (Ljubljana)
1995 International independante Exhibition of prints in Kanagawa, (Japan)
1996 Gallery Cottheim, Knokke, (Belgium)
1996 Kunsthall, Budapest "Egy gondolat bánt engemet, hogy egy gondolat bánt engemet" (see the photographs)
1996 Internationale print biennale Saporro, (Japan)
1996 Galerie de Luxembourg (lux) Boltanski, Pčrez, Serrano, SI-LA-GI
1997 Elso magyar latvanytar, "Pain et rose" Tapolca, (Hungary)
1997 Exposition d'œuvres graphique en couleur, Szekszard, (Hungary)
1998 Elso magyar latvanytar, Tapolca, (Hungary)
1999 Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Rondo (see the photographies)
2000 Galerie Erna Hecey Luxembourg"The go-beetween", Sophie Calle, Nan Goldin, Sam Shore, SI-LA-GI, Beat Streuli
2000 "Lake art" exhibition of contemporary sculpture (Budapest)
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