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My name is Radostiny Karabeloff. I am an Art-manager of Mr. Stoyan Bekarelli, who is one the most talented painters of Europe .
The artist Mr. Bekarelli was born on 13th February 1965 in Sofia. He took his high degree with excellent results in specialty “Fine ceramics and glasses”. The artist Mr.Bekarelli is a direct descendant and heir of the famous Bekarelli family, ancestral artistic stone-cutters from Italy, who have preserved so far, the best from what is characteristic of the Italian artistic tradition. Members of the family immigrated in 1920 to Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv, where they exclusively concentrated their work on artistic decorations of architectural monuments, emblematic for Bulgaria of the period then such as churches, social buildings, monumental sculptures etc. Through his artwork Mr. Bekarelli expresses the best qualities of the Italian family artistic tradition and at the same time possesses an exceptional originality, which builds him up as an ingenious artist. He takes part in common exhibitions, but he organizes his own too. His paintings are distinguished for their conceptual depth, delicate structure, and colorful palette. The means of expression that Mr.Bekarelli uses are a lot. Originality and aspiration for new art performance are some of his characteristics. Mr. Bekarelli believes that his paintings show positive ness and strength which is affirmed by many of his colleagues and critics. I hope that You would appreciate the qualities of the paintings by yourselves and any further advertising is not necessary.

Thank You for Your attention.

Radostiny Karabeloff
Art manager


1. Group Exhibition: 15.03.-15.04.1996 'Art 3' Gallery - Valense,France
2. Group Exhibition: 26.08.-27.09.1997 'Artotheque' Gallery - Annecy,France
3. 02.04.-28.04.1998 'Arthouse' Gallery - Varna
4. Group Exhibition: 10.09.-22.10.1999 'Villa du Parc' - Annemasse,France
5. 17.11.-06.12.1999 'Burgas' Gallery- the city of Burgas; Title:'The Sea as Universe'
6. Participation in Amsterdam Art fair 1999
7. Participation in Kunstmarkt – Dresden 1999
8. Participation in Art fair – Zurich 2000
9. 04.08.-12.09.2000 - 'Vitosha' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Spring - Summer'
10. 12.12.2000-12.02.2001 - 'Vitosha' Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Spiritual Messages'
11. 10.01.- 31.01.2001 'Draka' Gallery,
the city of Sofia; Title:'Exquisite World'
12. 21.04-31.09.2001 'Art forum'
Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: 'Arcadia'
13. 06.05-21.05.2001 - 'Boyadzhiev' Gallery, the city of Burgas; Title: 'The Endless Way to the Top or the Style of Black'
14. Participation in Kunst RAI – Amsterdam 2001
15. 15.04- 04.05.2002 – “Trud” Gallery, tthe city of Sofia; Title: “Vertical Shapes”
16. Trilogy of exhibitions, demonstrating his art work under the slogan “Upwards”
- 07.05 - 27.05.2002 – “Seasons” Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: “The Endless Way to the Top or the Style of Black”
- 13.05 - 12.06.2002 – “Monitor” Gallery, the city of Sofia; Title: “New Experiments”
- 20.05 - 17.06.2002 “Draka” Gallery, the city of Sofia; “Arcadia” Project
17. 06.06.- 05.07.2002 - Bulgarian Centre of Culture in the city of Warsaw, Poland
18. 14.06.- 28.06.2002 – “Nesi” Gallery, the city of Burgas; Title:
“Vertical Shapes”
19. 05.09 – 10.10.2002 – ‘Art Gallery of Burgas’,
the city of Burgas; Title: ‘War and Peace’
20. Participation in International Art fair-Art Vienna 2002
21. Participation in London Art fair 2002
22. Participation in Art fair - Zurich 2002
23. Participation in Aundree Levy International Art fair 2002
24. 15.01.-10.02.2003 - 'Art Forum' Gallery - Sofia; Title: ‘War and Peace’

His works are possession of private collectors from
Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria and other.

The Awards:
Golden Rose Art Award For The Project " WAR AND PACE "- Burgus 2002

Radostini Karabeloff
Art manager

Art-Critic Radostiny Karabeloff present The European Style and Soul in the Stoyan Bekarelli's Art . New Modern Wave in The European Art ! The best for you –Collectors !!!!!!!

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