Sam Halstead

Wesley Hospice Chapel, Auckland, New Zealand
© 2018 Sam Halstead

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Sam Halstead has been a designer of architectural stained glass windows since opening a studio in Auckland, New Zealand in 1979. The studio produced over 1000 commissions during a five year period. Sam and his family eventually moved to a rural town where he managed a Craft School. Many of his recent years have been spent in Prison - as an educator and education manager and he became a proponent of restorative justice and the social maturation of offenders.

Among his other creative pursuits are digital photography, digital videography, writing and recording music (8 track home studio), and playing the saxophone and guitar. All at the same time of course.

Recently settled in Newport Beach California, Sam has decided to revive his craft and undertake selected commissions - ones that have scope, freedom, and challenge.

The window depicted on this page is of a circular chapel window that contains a stylized cross that is punctuated by intense blue circles. More windows and exhibition panels can be seen at
Studios of Sam Halstead

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