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Coming from a family of artists and musicians, I've somehow grown up to become a dadaist thinker with a passion for the surreal. No, neither of them are out of style for there is no style amongst them. They apply to the now and the then.

With photography, oil paint and sculpture I've created soft images of the worn-down and the used (life celebrated). I've messed with abstract meanings by moving objects and words around to positions in which they've not been before.

Currently I am studying realist painting technique with Andrew Reiss (a student of Ted Seth Jacobs). From these studies, I hope to create a new style and oeuvre based on realism, but that delves into not only my interests up to this date (mentioned above), but also the misinterpretations that our brain makes of the images that our eyes see.

Many realist artists have tried to paint exactly what they see. I propose that this is impossible due to collected concepts, imperfections and misinterpretations that our brains/minds are comprised of. It is my goal to learn to paint a more pure version of what I perceive of the subjects which I choose without overexagerating, and therefore distorting, their true nature. I am not rejecting realism nor surrealism, but instead am inspired by them in addition to trying to be true to what I have come to perceive of the world around me.

At this point my visual development of this idea is growing slowly. It is my hope that within the next few years, I will have more paintings to show. For the time being, please take a look at my current portfolio.

If you have any questions, please email me at
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