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Sandra Maarhuis is a Dutch artist born in Rotterdam (1972). In 2001, she graduated to the art academy Kampen, the Netherland. This was the placee where she started to paint and make it here own.

This nevertheless with some succes as a result she was invited after gaining her diploma, to obtain a Master in Fine Art. Diploma 2003.
Beside assigments and private sale her attention especially to further developing of her free work.
Areturning topic in the expressive work is the beauty which hid in everyday common world. An amazement concerning detail, situation or persons. And correctly this amazement is the departure point of each painting.

By painting in the figurative style (inclined towards realisme) she can paint a subject this way recognizable possible represent.
The eventual aim is express the painting above a "picture"to increase.
Seized by firstly and then just realise that it animage on limited flattend level.

Sandra Maarhuis is a promising artist in the Dutch art scene. For more info, visit
Studios of Sandra Maarhuis

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