Sandra Suarez

"Girl with Sunflowers"
© 2018 Sandra Suarez

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One of Sandra's earliest childhood memories from Cuba is that of her "abuelita", hiding crayons and watercolors from her, fearing her creativity would spill over onto the bedroom walls.

Sandra earned a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Havana (ISJAE). After moving to Miami in 1981, she continued her professional career in design, working with major architectural firms. Sandra also continued painting, developing an impressive portfolio. In 2002 she launched ONSANVA Art, providing a format to pursue her lifelong passion of art.

Always a painter at heart, her approach is simple and direct: Get inspired by color you perceive from nature, let your imagination go and the painting flow. Be it a photograph, a sketch, a certain view from a window, that is enough to get started and complete another unique image that critics have described as abstract impressionism. She draws strength and inspiration from her daughter and family, and the majority of her work includes people. Her art is fresh, vivid and full of hope.

Sandra has been the recipient of numerous awards and has been featured in numerous galleries, as well as solo shows. Her work hangs in numerous private and corporate collections througho0ut the United Sates and Latin America.

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