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Sara G. Umemoto was born in Mexico City. She is a self-taught photographer and digital artist who
started drawing in childhood and studied painting during 5 years at an Art Academy. In Mexico she
participated in academic group expositions and also had her first solo. She studied in Las Americas
University in Puebla Mexico. In her academic years, she had interest in graphic design and obtained
its diploma in 1995. Before graduated from the University, she had started her professional career
as freelance illustrator. In 1996 she moved to Japan. Since then Sara began to explore the digital
media with her first digital camera. In 2000 Sara started playing around with Adobe Photoshop in a
laptop. In the following years she became increasingly absorbed in the digital art and photography
and she had developed her skill participating in international competitions and sharing her digital
artworks and photos in public on-line galleries. She is convinced that artworks speak oneself, not
by their author. So she does not consider herself to have a certain style, although from a young age
she has been influenced by the surrealist movement and later by conceptual art and other styles.
She does consider herself a storyteller, who enjoys generating two kind of moods, one colorful and
bold, the other melancholic. The latter oscillates between soft and dramatic. Also as a
photographer she explores various genres and atmospheres. Digital medium offers her the greatest
imaginable freedom to express visual concepts and graphic emotions.
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