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I am a visual artist based in Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia. Byron Bay is part of an invigorating and constantly evolving Australian arts community. The unique natural beauty of Byron Bay provides the perfect atmosphere for creating original art. Byron Bay is now a meeting place for artists, musicians, poets, authors, and dancers of all disciplines and artistic styles.

I approach composition with the realization that the painting is a living object, what lies beneath the surface of the painting is of equal importance. The possibilities are unlimited and the first brush stroke is the beginning of an untold story.

The painting 'Grow' represents the movement and grace in all of us, it's about moving forward and following our dreams. We are all choreographers of our own life story. The colour of purple and transparent reds against the white tones softly transporting the viewer to create their own dance story. The essence of ballet is movement and the relationship between ballet and brush on canvas is complementary. When a painting becomes independent of the creator, the painting can break the static and move, in a sense grow. The movement of paint on canvas, the brushes and materials that are used are the puppetry that allows the symmetry and rhythm in the painting to find its harmony and balance. It is then that the dancers are revealed their weightless bodies in harmony with spirit, taking us back to early romantic ballet of ethereal grace
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