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The relaxed and unique island lifestyle is a perfect working environment for one of the abstract art world's most prolific painters. Sej draws from her natural environment to create magical works of art which meld beautifully within a contemporary setting. Her work is inspired by the very nature around her, coupled with a deeply inuitive feel for creating art that is both highly energetic and deeply spiritual.

" There is a fine line between what is simply organic, and what is organic AND intuitive.
This "organic intuitiveness" as I call it, is not so much about taming the medium , but rather capturing fragments of beautiful moments when the medium reveals itself in it's pure magic.
While I appreciate patience and consistancy, nothing gives me more pleasure than allowing intuition to take over, knowing when to stop, when I see something spectacular and not feel pressured to create something that is more than it is already showing. This is pure energy." -Sej

"I began painting back in 1989 whilst on an extended 2 month stay in Fiji. I was so inspired by the people, the environment, the lifestyle. I can relate to Gaugin and his time in Tahiti. The island lifestyle is so appealing and so invigorating, it truly is like another world. So very inspiring - it has lasted me half a lifetime!"
Sej has made numerous visits to Fiji since the initial trip, and has family and friends living there permanently. Her late Uncle Clive was husband to the Former Prime-Minister of Fiji, the honorable Adi Kuini Bavadra (deceased).

Sej is one of the online communities most successful artists, having achieved. "Gold Powerseller" status in under 8 months of self-representing on ebay. This places her amongst the most successful of artists selling in this arena.

She has sold over 400 original paintings in the last 2 years plus many numerous works on paper.

She is the creater of the highly successful and revered "Sej signature series" of which she has sold over 100 in the past 12 months alone.

Member of:
Brisbane Institute of Art
DeviantArt online art community.

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