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13.08.1973 Sergey Mertens was born in St. Petersburg. (Russia)
The grandmother, baroness Anna von Mertens, father Dmitri Mertens, too were the artists.
1982 was accepted in children's art school. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1989 was accepted in the Petersburg Art School of a name N. V. Rerich. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
During training 1990 - 1995 worked as the display arranger of interiors. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
1995 - 1997 students of rates on art in Dusseldorf Art Academy. (Germany)
Cooperation with private galleries.
1997 - 1998 trips to Jerusalem in sacred places. (Israel)
1998 trip to Prague. (Czech Republic)
Has based Art studio, "S.M.ARTstudio" in Prague.
2001 moving in Cesky Krumlov and opening of own Art Gallery in historical city centre. (Czech Republic)
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